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  • Mix molding equipment
  • Crushing equipment
  • Dry combustion equipment
  • Alumina equipment
  • Complete set of production line
  • Form a complete set of equipment

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Thanks to the following customer trust and choose the juki

The union juki company advantage
Count several advantages to tell you why choose the juki
Production capacity
The union has introduced the level of production
Equipment and technical personnel,Have more than one
CNC machine tools、Large-scale processing equipment and special work
Technology research
Our research and development system based on the independent development,
At the same time actively strengthen with many famous universities
And research institutions cooperation,Make full use of the enterprise
Research and development of external resources。
Brand advantage
The company's products have been throughISO9001Countries
International quality system certification
After-sales service
Value-added service without heart yue heart service、Altogether
Enjoy value,Have the installation engineer team。 24
Hour telephone feedback scheme . 48Hours processing at the scene

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  Luoyang and heavy machinery co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Production、The sale is body's innovative enterprise。Company headquarters is located in the city of heavy industry、Nine dynasties---The city of luoyang,Having standardized three heavy industry workshop,All kinds of big、Medium-sized processing、Maohan、The casting、Stamping、Laser cutting and assembly equipment100余台。Subordinate two goods:The mechanical and the casting;Operation respectively:Mixing equipment、Crushing equipment、Pressure equipment、Combustion equipment、Metallurgical production line and sand processing line design contractor and all kinds of large and medium-sized machinery casting foundry。 Company employees270More than one,Which in the management60More than one。The company has introduced the United States、DE、The technique and technology of the English,Set up production line and modern test base。Company with scientific management methods,The manufacturing process of the best,Innovation of manufacturing concept。 The juki regard quality as the life,Serve customers as god,And consistent follow responsible for each working procedure,Be responsible for each product,For each user is responsible for the quality policy,Wholeheartedly for the customer service。The company's products throughISO9001International quality system certification。The company mainly produces are mixed

Production capacity

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