• 2014/2

    • The first product《Three jian hao》The official launch

    • 2015/10

    • Issued the first agent products《Master of football》

    • 2016/3

    • 《Three jian hao2》The whole platform

    • 2017/8

    • 《Rocky heroes:Eternity》China mobile game online Continuous actions sexy aesthetics

    • 2017/10

    • AntiqueMMO《Longevity tactic》Release

    • 2018/3

    • The wind international three studio was formally established

    • 2018/10

    • The company first secondary yuan game 《One zero plan》The official launch

On the wind


       The wind game on2013Years3Month27Born in tianfu software park。 Technology companies continue down,Has a number of core technology,Constant innovation on the gaming experience。Founded in five years,The wind game successfully published“Mobile game martial arts trilogy”:SanXia《Three jian hao》Series、Snow youth《Longevity tactic》,Introduced secondary yuan tower high-quality goods《One zero plan》。2018Years,Set up three big game studios,Layout the tactical competitive category of globalisation,Establish aAVGMatrix type represented by the content of the product,In the face of the global market to provide more high quality content。

  •  VISION Vision

    Do the happy game,Happy play games

  •  VALUES Values

    Integrity,His duty,Cooperation,Innovation

  •  SLOGAN Slogan

    Refers to happiness!

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